Welcome To Success Today Institute  Of Metaphysics  

Humanity Is Going To Need A Substantially New Way Of Thinking, If It Is To Survive!" (Albert Einstein)

A new horizon of education, personal and professional development, Spiritual maturity is waiting for you! Are you ready to improve your life and take your life to the next level?

Success Today Institute of Metaphysics is Offering, Programs, Courses, Seminars, Webinars, Education sessions, Individual and group Counseling Sessions, Radio programs and other content on the Metaphysical subjects Such as Metaphysics, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Spiritual Counseling and mind power to enhance the level of Happiness, peace, Intelligence and Quality of life.. Success Today Is the Official organizational Member Of the American Holistic Health Association, for more information visit there official page there you will find our membership Status.


Why the Organization was created?

There was a special need and space for an Organization like this in Pakistan. No other Institution, center or University is providing official high quality academic education or content in Pakistan on Metaphysics, In fact this is the first institution of Metaphysics in Pakistan. So we decided to start this institution in a hope and trust that this will improve the minds of people and will help to to gain spiritual harmony and will create a level of change that we desperately need. As a matter of fact if you are wondering how important this subject is, consider this that the great spiritual teacher and poet Allama Muhammed Iqbal was a PhD in metaphysics. We believe that a great mind create a great life. 

What sets up apart.

Success Today Is an Holistic Health Institution, which means we see human as a combination of Mind, Spirit and body ( Not just as a piece of flash and bones), our goal is to treat all the problems, Our curriculum focuses on the spiritual and mental side of the student and client. Our courses contains academic education from different avenues like Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Metaphysics and Spirituality. Our purpose is to improve the quality and level of your intelligence and mind, Helping you living a more peaceful and happy life, as a nation we are ready to understand some things that our older generations were not able to understand.

The Success Today Institute is Bringing Professionalism to the field of Metaphysics. We have programs and Courses also for the mental health Professionals, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, and Social workers. The Courses will vastly improve their level of intelligence as well as it will give them professional international level credentials in their field. You can become a professional in the field of metaphysics and can help humanity with even great wisdom and authority.

What will I learn and What are the courses like.

We have courses for everyone and each course is designed for specific needs., Courses for Professionals, Students, Children and Parents. We Have curriculum for both beginners and advance level students. 

Here is a list of our workshops that we are currently offering.

1 Course In Metaphysics 

2 Mindfulness and Mental health for children 

3 Conscious parenting program for Parents.

An Unexamined Life Is not worth Living For A human Being--- Socrates

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