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Humanity Is Going To Need A Substantially New Way Of Thinking, If It Is To Survive!" (Albert Einstein)

Observe, Give Attention To Your Life, There You will Find Source Of All Inspiration

Learn to flow with water rather than against it, then all the power of water will be yours

The purpose of Inspirational Happiness.com is to improve the quality of consciousness of the collective human mind and to find the source of all inspiration. Humanity is suffering more than ever. They have been programmed with limited and counterproductive thoughts about the reality of life and living. Still they are not choosing the bright path. They believe that living a fearful life, competing with the world is the only way to live. Doing things and accomplishing them will make them happy. Not realizing that doing things and completing them is insufficient on the level of form. There will always be more things to do, there will always be more things to accomplish, thus the perfect being is unattainable on the level of form.

Observe your life for a moment! Have you ever examined your life deeply, or are you completely lost in the external world! Not examining the life is the cause of all the problems of humanity. The suffering and disharmony in your life are the result of not understanding some, but very important realities about this place, which we call the universe.

I Have so many wonderful and eye opening studies to show and prove my point, which includes Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Spirituality, Philosophy,  Wisdom from different avenues around the world. Knowing even a little bit about these things will take you away from your limited conditioning.

These studies will show you how limited life you are living, if you are only using your conditioned mind. Find the unconditional source of inspirational happiness that is present inside you, which is the only way to spend your time here on planet earth in the most beneficial way. Any other attempt to spend good life is futile. There is no other way. Finding completeness and satisfaction in the outside world is an unconscious and futile attempt, which will bear negative results in your life.

I was one of them, who was conditioned by the society. Which was unconscious mind activity, we can also call it dysfunctional thinking. Dysfunctional thinking is a very limited viewpoint that still so many people believe that this is the only way to live. But I have found that there is a completely new way of living, that is waiting for anyone who chooses to realize this truth. I soon realized that I was out of touch with the universe. I was going into resistance with the life itself, which is a worse place for human beings. Another thing I found that the vast majority is living life like it is a curse. Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Spending their time while doing unhappy activities.

The majority is living in a stressful way, believing that is the only way to live. stress, fears, limitations, depressions and anxieties are the most common features of the 21st century.

You have been provided a Divine Gift. Become conscious of this reality which is the power of inspirational happiness at the core of your being. Realizing this truth will free you from the limitation that you have unconsciously put onto yourself, believing that they are true.

So how will you become conscious of this power? Which will improve the quality of your consciousness, that is responsible for the way you are living your life.

Follow the way of nature. The way of nature in unchanging. It is the greatest teacher for us. It is teaching us all the time. Don't run away from the lessons of mother nature. Don't be so ignorant. Returning to the wisdom of your being is far greater than your limited and conditioned fearful mind. By remaining in your beingness, only then you can use your mind in a fresh and constructive way.

Live here with an open mind. Don't close your mind, With an open mind you will be able to understand all that is. With a close mind you are going deeper into the darkness which is what the humanity have been doing.

Allow your mind to open a way to your heart. Your heart is the source of inspirational happiness. Not the physical heart, which is only an organ. But the heart of your Spirit, it has answers to all of the your concerns.

With an open heart you will be able to live a royal life. Not only physically which is a very limited way, but also mentally and spiritually. Realizing this truth will provide you the power to live your life with a supreme power rather than a small being which you call yourself.

With an open heart you are allowing the light of the universe to shine through you. The light of consciousness is the greatest jewel present in the universe.

I will always examine my life. This work is the result of examining the reality not from the conventional point of view, but from the deeper point of view.

Because, someone said,

An Unexamined Life Is not worth Living For A human Being--- Socrates

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