Cosmic Laws

Understand The Connection Of Cosmic Laws With Yourself. These Principles Are Active And Working All The Time. You Are Living Your Life Using Them. Learn About Them, Harmonize With Them And Change Your Reality.

Just As the Water Is Flowing Flawlessly by using the laws of the universe, Your life too can flow with infinite power and potential after understanding your connection with the cosmic laws.

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe" - (Albert Einstein)

Cosmic laws are the laws of cosmic consciousness. They govern the universe and everything within it, Including you. These laws are present since the universe was born. They are timeless. There is no past, present and future for these Laws, for their work is everywhere. They do their work with unwavering certainty. They are active all the time, these are eternal principles.

All of the events, arises in your life due to these laws, Even When you sleep they work. They are working all the time, but so many people are unaware of them. But rest assure, thanks to universal laws, they are doing their job with integrity.

When the word "Law" comes into our minds, we think that law means a set of rules created or identified by humans.This is a very short sighted approach to observe the infinite universe that we are part of. These laws were created by the same power which created the cosmos.

Man can not work against them for no matter how hard he tries. Yes living with disharmony by these principles is possible that is what the majority have been doing, but it will have no effect on these principles for they cannot be destroyed by humanity. They govern the humanity, how can humanity destroy them, By going into resistance with them man is only destroying itself and its surroundings.

Modern Science is doing a marvelous job for us. It is giving a tangible proof for the purpose and existence of cosmic laws. But, be aware that these laws are not the product of science, philosophy or any other branch of knowledge. They are the product and art of the source, which created us. They are the creation of the same power which created us.

Let's take a physical example. We know That the Law of Gravity was long present before Sir Isaac Newton discovered it. It was present for as long as humanity was present, but Newton just noticed it. It is the same with all these laws they don't need any science or other branch of human knowledge to ensure  they're working. To illustrate my point I will be using a famous Scientist Saying..

"Contrary to majority belief...Universal Laws are not based on theory or speculation. What at one point was believed to be only theoretical, mystical, or spiritual in nature and understood only by those who learned to tap into the place from where "Higher Truth" comes, has now emerged and become evident in the latest scientific discoveries and is now being measured on a physical level." ~ David Bohm

These laws are responsible for every area of your life yet so many people are unaware of them. They are going completely against the flow of life. You can only harmonize with the universe by following these laws, because the universe is governed by powerful and flawless laws that is why it is flawless in its operation.

Have you ever thought that, why the universe operates flawlessly, To save some time here, let me give you an answer. Because the universe is conditioned to follow these principles. The human is also a part of this cosmos and will have to follow these principles, but sometimes due to its free will and cleverness it tries to find another way. Don't misunderstand me, No one can fool the cosmic laws, people are fooling themselves. That is what the humanity is thought that it is fooling others and nature and finding that they are only fooling themselves..

The founder of Taoism made that quite clear only 2500 years ago

Man Follows the Laws Of Earth

Earth Follows The Laws Of Heaven

Heaven Follows The Law Of Tao

Tao Follows Its Own Nature-- Lao Tzu

Man always follows the laws of earth, They are being created to followed by men. No one can run away from them, But some are resisting, Resisting does not mean that they are not following. No one can Resist them in the deeper sense of the word, Resisting means here is that they are not harmonized with them. They are not using the supreme power. That is why the world is full of suffering and negativity.

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