Enlightenment Is Not Something That You Need To Achieve Through This Or That. It Is The Realization Of Your True Nature And It Can Be Only Realized In The Present Moment So Make The Present Moment Your Friend And Harmonize With The Light Of Universe.

A person starts to live when he can live outside himself. Albert Einstein

Look at the Sun! Is it not that it is taking the world out of darkness to the light. True Enlightenment also means taking yourself  out of the darkness to light. 

True Enlightenment Means remaining there in the physical world without the Ego. It is the greatest gift to humanity. Looking without the screen of your thinking and conditioned mind, you will be able to see the miracle of life and the universe. You will be able to love yourself truly. If you are only living with the conditioned mind, you are not only missing infinite possibilities but, also missing the beauty of life and the universe.

Living only through the screen of thinking and mind is an unconscious state of humanity. This unconscious state is the cause of all the suffering, Fear and Disharmony in your life. Spirituality is all about finding your deeper reality. The Practice of Mindfulness can help you to recognize your true state of consciousness.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary Defines Enlightenment as : The State of being Enlightened.

But What does it mean by that?

Let's Understand this from the very first step, If you say to someone Enlighten me, It will mean that you want to know something. We can also call enlightenment as to Enter the light within me or let me enter into the light. Now this is common Knowledge. 

But in the deeper sense of the word you don't need to add yourself or to present yourself to the light and even you don't need to add light within yourself to be filled with light. 

Why? Good Question..

Because you are the source of light beyond your body and mind. Realizing this truth will naturally result in Enlightenment . At the deepest level of yourself you are the source of light and wisdom. This place is far deeper than the mind but, ever present. Knowing yourself at this level will gain you ultimate wisdom and intelligence. Which brings us into a very important topic which is Knowing the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom.

Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom

We Have been conditioned by our Society and the Collective mind to think, think and just think. Thinking is not a bad thing unless it becomes bad. Knowledge Means to know, to have some concept in mind as a thought, so that is how thinking happens.

The problem with thinking and thought is that it cannot show the whole picture. In other words, the thought has not the ability to show you true reality or even one percent of it. Because the thought itself is not complete. It is either positive or negative. In both ways it is limited.

Because thought is just a fragment, just an energy field. Every Thought is an Energy field, a little entity. Not a complete whole. It is a view point.

Note: I am not saying that the thought is useless! It is a wonderful tool if used correctly, but spiritual enlightenment is all about going deeper than the mind and thought.

The problem becomes when we try to understand everything with our minds and thoughts. This is where the ego comes into play. Ego simply means identification with the mind. If you will just try to understand the universe or wisdom with just your mind, you are playing in a very small field which is ego. In other words you are trying to understand the thoughtless intelligence with thoughts. You are trying to realize infinite power and wisdom with limited mind.

The intelligence of our universe operates silently. It does not need thought to operate and function. Understanding the universal Intelligence With Thoughts is just like searching a video screen in radio. You will fade up without any understanding and realization. 

On the other hand Wisdom means to harmonize with the deeper wisdom of the universe. A wise person may not have a PhD or any other conceptual knowledge. Whether he has or not, it has nothing to do with wisdom. Wisdom simply means to understand the universe and life not through the screen of thinking, but with the light that is the core of you. It is becoming in harmony with the supreme intelligence, after that the supreme intelligence takes care of everything. Too Much knowledge is not an advantage. The world is full of knowledgeable people who are dis-satisfied with their lives. Not flowing with the flow of life is a sign of unwise person. 

The old Greek Philosopher Socrates Said it beautifully :

"I am the wisest man in the world, Because I know one thing is that I know nothing."

What I have understood from this saying is that he was pointing towards the enlightened state of consciousness. He was deeper than his mind and he was in harmony with the universal wisdom and intelligence rather than his own small mind. 

Knowledge becomes dysfunctional when you live in this world with only through concepts in your mind. When you see something and labels it without stillness. Knowledge without wisdom is futile and dangerous. Wisdom is all about becoming still for a moment, remaining in the stillness and perceiving everything that is happening. It then harmonize you naturally with the flow of life at that moment. The flow of life changes, something deeper than the mind has emerged deep within from you, which is far more wise and intelligent. You become still and will take the right and appropriate action without needing to think too much.

To see and observe a flower or a sun, you don't need to put a label straightaway. You can observe the beauty without even labeling it. This is true seeing and understanding. Yes you will need your mind to give it a label and to tell others about it. But at the deepest level it is not a requirement. If you see a flower and straightaway gives it a label, you do not truly see it, you are seeing your own concepts, that are present in your head. That is the same with every person you meet. See the change in your relationships as you start to meet others without labeling themselves uselessly. Once you label someone or something, you don't see the thing, you only see and meet the concept in your head. By doing this you are missing the whole thing.

An Enlightened Person 

An Enlightened Person remains always at peace with the present moment which automatically changes the flow of life, then life becomes more helpful while, The unconscious person always reacting to this or that. The more he reacts, the more his false sense of ego grows stronger and the more unconscious he becomes. Going deeper into the darkness without even knowing it. Not the Darkness of That is the result of night, but the Darkness of human unconsciousness.

A Conscious person is watchful and alert all the time. Not only physically, but more importantly mentally. He is aware of the danger of the human unconsciousness that is present all the time in not only the world but, also in the minds of humanity and the collective human mind.

The collective human mind will try its best to bring back you from the state of wisdom to its own level. It's ultimately you who will need to make a choice on how to live. Living in the unconscious state which is called normal nowadays is choice, but I have found that it is a very limited way to live. It is ultimately blocking the creative potential that lies inside you and every other human being. You have been given a source of infinite power, you only need to realize it. After realizing this reality, the physical living just becomes a play rather than suffering and trying to become someone and something which is the goal of so many unconscious humans.

Once you realize your internal fullness. Your External Reality will reflect this internal fullness in every area of your life.

You can not complete yourself in the external world first and then becomes whole in the internal world.

This is not how the process was created. The process and system of universe. So many in our world tries to accomplish external things to make themselves complete internally, only finding that the more they try with this method, the more they find emptiness inside themselves. They miss the primary function of their lives.

Wisdom can only come into the present moment. Those who remain present in the now are always wise, Simply because, life is now. The aliveness of your being can only be felt while remaining in the now, even if you say I will become wise in the future, the future will be now, at that time, so again you will find yourself in the now. On the other hand the unconscious person always running here and there. He is not present. He is in his mind, so to speak. You can not have creative ideas while remaining in the unconscious state of mind. Harmonizing with the life which is present in the now is the first step to wisdom and power.

The quality of your mind determines what type of future you will create and experience. The Peaceful and enlighten your mind will be, the more enlighten reality you will create. Where as if your mind is full of suffering, Fear, and unconscious , the more your state of mind will reflect this in the physical world and your external reality. The physical reality is only an externalization of the internal state of consciousness. People have been trying to improve their quality of external life without improving the quality of their internal life first. They have completely gone in the opposite direction of the natural laws.

The Wise man or Women is the master of his or her mind. Their mind does not control them. But they control their minds. How will you know that? By observing your mind, becoming Still for a moment. The more you will observe your mind the more conscious you will become, the more unconsciousness of your mind will dissolve and as soon as you realize that these are thoughts in my head, the more presence will emerge from deep within you. The quality of your mind will improve, which ultimately results in the improvement of your external life.

An unwise person has no realization of this reality, thus he is disconnected from the intelligence of the universe. He keeps suffering and suffering until he realizes the main problem. If The person is lucky enough to realize this.

Realizing this infinite potential will help you to improve every area of your life situation. True power and happiness cannot come from the externals, no matter how much you acquire from the outside sources. You will always have less, You will always be the prisoner of the external world. You will need others to make you happy, even this happiness is a temporary illusion created by the human emotions. True happiness comes from the source of the universe. Spirituality is nothing more or less than finding this source within us.

Remaining in this universe while connected with the source is the ultimate. The infinite source has no limitation of love, Wealth, power, Happiness and inspiration. It's only you who is not presenting itself to these attributes of the universe. Or should I say your unconscious mind is not allowing you to become harmonized with this dimension and transform yourself.

Enlightenment Tier Map

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4 Mindful Meditation

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  4. Spiritual Affirmations 
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  6. Spiritual Ascension
  7. Spiritual Awakening
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