It Is Something That We All Need, The Question Is That From Where You Are Gaining It. True Inspiration Comes From Within. When Something Deeper Than You Works From Within.

Living Your life without inspiration is just like trying to fly without wings. Every moment we are creating something. Creation can never stop. The world and every person within it is creating their realitiy without rest. The difference between the creations of so many peoples can be found within each and every person. We can say that the more the level of motivation is present within a person, the more the great things He/She creates or does. 

Since antiquity all of the greatest discoveries and creations were from those people who were inspired. Without enthusiasm you are nothing, you are in darkness. You need it after waking up in the morning to ready the breakfast. The same mechanism applies that you also need it to live the life that you were born to live. 

Fortunately or Unfortunately a huge population of the world is living without true encouragement. Who can and will encourage them? If you are only dependent on outside encouragement you can only find very small amount of encouragement from the outside world. Maybe a good encouraging line from your friend once in a while and an encouraging movie after every six months.

In fact  the more you depend on outside the more you will find the opposite. By depending on outside light you will not be able to create something new or of value to the humanity. Why? Because you are looking at the product of inspiration not at the source of inspiration.

For Creating and living your life beautifully you need to find the source of the product. You can read great poetry and becomes inspired by it, but again poetry is not inspiration itself rather it is a product of inspiration. The person who wrote the poetry was inspired then he created inspirational work. It's same with all the other things of the world. You will need to empower yourself before creating anything of value.

For creating great things you need to become in harmony with the source of great things. Encouragement from peers, siblings, families, teachers, successful people is a good thing and may help you to do well. But the key here is to not depend on physical conditions to motivate yourself, only then pure enthusiasm can come into yourself.

The darkness in your life can work in your favor. If you really understand the deeper meaning of darkness then you will never see it as a bad thing.

A German Mystic of the Middle Ages Knew What he was talking about.

Truly, it is in the darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest to all of us- Meister Eckhart.

The above quote clearly explains that when there is no illumination for you in the outer world then is the only time to be motivated by finding something valuable deep within you. Use the darkness in your life to inspire yourself rather than being lost in the darkness. It is there to teach a lesson, just like any other thing in life. For so many people in this world their dark times were often their best times. The same Also happened with me. It's all about how you perceive things to be.

So whenever you feel discouraged in life, which is a very normal thing in our civilization. Use this darkness to its fullest and strike back, for this is the best moment to strike. Your life will never be the same if only you know realize the right time for inspiration.

The more you will learn how to find inner power the more you will create beautifully. Fear of failure comes when you do not have enough positive energy inside yourself to accomplish the goal. In other words when you are full of negative energy. For this is the worst time to take any action. Step aside and wait, fill yourself with positive energy and then go live life. The results will be completely different.

The wise and positive person does not depend on the conditions and circumstances for his power. For if he depends he should not be a positive and wise person. Transforming yourself into the powerful source of positive light rather than wanting a sip of motivation is a far better approach. 

Silence is the source of all power. Quieting your mind every now and then takes you away from physical world to something more genuine. Not only outside silence but inner silence. Inner silence is more important than outside silence. It connects you to being. The inner energy field which is the core of all the power, love, creativity and peace, which is also the core of you. After remaining few moments in the silence every now and then, your external reality will become easy and powerful.

Silence is a source of great strength-Lao Tzu

If your internal reality is good and powerful then there is no way that your external reality won't reflect this. Your internal reality of your Thoughts, Perceptions, Imaginations, Emotions and most importantly presence is what shapes your external reality. If the level of your internal reality is greater then the quality of external reality will also be great without any doubt.

Be alert to your inner reality rather than trying to force external reality to take your coarse. What is inside of you will come outside of you naturally without needing your approval. This is an eternal Law whether you like it or not. Believe it or not, it does not matter. It is working flawlessly and will work flawlessly, regardless of your individual perception.

There is no limit of self worth. You don't need others to keep reminding you of your self worth. The source of all the creativity is present all the time, connect with it is the surest and greatest way to live here on this planet earth. 

Inspiration is the source of all the creativity in this word. Without it you will never be able to create something of value. All of the greatest creations in the history of the world were created by those who were aware of that reality.