Knowing The Simple Laws of Metaphysics And Nature Will Help You To Live A Life Of A Very Small Minority.

All Men By Nature Desire To know - Aristotle

Understanding the Nature of reality through metaphysics and your purpose of being here is the greatest and most productive field of study. Philosophers, Spiritual Teachers, Mystics, Epistemologists and Metaphysicians, Scientists since antiquity have always tried to show the true nature of reality and our purpose of being here on this planet earth.

Knowledge of Simple Metaphysics is essential for every human being. Every physical reality has a metaphysical aspect to it. All of your physical appearances Have deeper roots in metaphysics.

The expert believes that there will be soon come a time that this knowledge of metaphysical sciences will be provided to very small children at the most primary level in the educational system, If the world and humanity have to remain in the near future.

The Word Meta Simply means Beyond. So Metaphysics means beyond physics. Beyond our five limited sense perceptions.

Your daily life is full of deeper conditions that are related to this exciting field of study. By becoming conscious of these things you are becoming conscious of yourself and your reality. By remaining unconscious of these things you are ultimately creating suffering and disharmony not only for yourself but you are also sharing and adding your suffering in the collective human suffering. It's amazing how all these things are interconnected.

So it is wise to understand the BEYOND part of reality to create a good and productive Reality. Only then you will be able to live in physical life with ease and without forcing the events. Metaphysics will tell you how to live with the flow of life rather than against the flow.

Have you asked yourself some serious questions such as,

1. Who am I ?

2. What is the purpose of life?

3. Why am I here?

4. Is this all that is? 

5. How can I Improve myself and others? 

6. Who created me and why?

7. Is there something more intelligent than me? 

These are the basic questions of all the great thinkers had asked themselves. All the Scientists, Quantum Physicists, Philosophers, Metaphysicians, Spiritual Teachers, Prophets , Mystics, Sages and Wise men and women had all these same questions in their mind.

I personally Believe that these are the most important questions one can ask. You will not find answers to such questions in any conventional study program or method. Because conventional teaching only teaches the physical aspect of reality. Newtonian physics was providing some answers but it was very limited. The science was very limited until the emergence of quantum physics. Quantum physics is providing a depth of deep, exciting and life changing knowledge to those who are open.

Asking yourself these questions will naturally open you towards the deeper reality of life rather than living normal, full of suffering and dysfunctional life which is called normal nowadays. 

Knowing what is important and ignoring what is not is the sign of a wise person. We have a huge amount of knowledge of those things which are useless or should I say counter productive but, very less amount of knowledge that is important. 

There are so many ways to understand this nature of things that are around us all the time. Why? The human mind will ask. Because you are part of nature. The more you understand about your connection with nature and this inner reality the better it is. Why? Because you are not only living in the physical/outer dimension but also in some deeper and inner place. You are not just a physical thing, but you are also connected with some beyond the physical dimension. External knowledge like how make a cup of tea and how to create an atom Bomb is only partially important. What is more important is knowing the deeper reality from which all of the external realities come.

Realizing this single but very important thing can put all of your sufferings and disharmonies behind. By only believing in the physical, you are in disharmony with the beyond physical. Understanding the both sides of the coin is essential.

A large part of the population thinks that they are just physical beings identified with their physical forms and their external realities. By only realizing this dimension of yourself, you are presenting yourself to the darkness and ultimately problems. That is why the world is full of problems. The people are suffering. Not only the poor but also the rich and the famous.

It is human nature to make simple very complex. It is also true that there comes a time when a person leaves all the complexities and returns himself or herself back to the simple. This is the first step to wisdom. And metaphysics is simple. It is the simple study of the universe and its laws through different avenues. Each avenue triggers an emotion inside yourself to become more conscious of deeper but simple ever present realities. Your harmony will deepen with the universe.

It is also in human nature to make mistakes, then desire to know the truth. The desire is present within all of us to learn something more special than what we know. The desire to know more is a gift to humanity. Without this desire the purpose of life and humanity would have been collapsed. Knowing is freedom, not the knowing you know in school but rather a deeper and more genuine knowing at the deeper level of your being.

By not understanding how the universe works, you are in essence preparing to fail to work with the universe rather than against it and believe me this is not a nice place to be. You are not eligible to take on the world unless and until you know deeper realities.

The universe will not stop giving you lessons. One after one But the lessons will remain as long as we remain. It's your choice to see the lessons as lessons or problems. 

By going into resistance with the universe you are ultimately going into resistance with yourself. You will have to bear the consequences unless and until you deal with the basic problem. 

The universe is our greatest teacher. It is present to teach us all the time. Its us who need to find that teacher rather than being lost in darkness. The Science has clearly shown that the universe is a living organism which is expending all the time. In both size and wisdom.

The universe is not only the physical universe that we see and observe with our sense perceptions. This physical reality is a very small part of the whole. There are countless dimensions to it. Some have proven by Quantum Mechanics, others still need time.

There are so many ways to understand the universe and take benefit from it. The supply of the universe is infinite. So it is wise to ask guidance from the universe. Some of the areas of this exciting field are:

1. Ontology 

2. Cosmology

3. Cosmogony 

4. Philosophy 

5. Spirituality 

6. Space

7. Time 

8. Mind and Matter

9. Religion

10. Free Will 

11. Being 

12. Existence and reality 

13. Universal laws of Metaphysics or Cosmic Laws

14. parapsychology 

15. Human Logic 

16. presence 

17. Quantum physics

18. Human mind

19. Meditation

Each and every field will deeper your understanding and will help the evolution of your consciousness. Evolution at both levels internally and externally.
Understanding even a little about these exciting fields will and can put you in great harmony with the universe which ultimately produces greatest results and quality of life. It will put you in alignment with the one life which is the ultimate goal. 

By not becoming aware of these deeper but simple realities you are allowing the collective unconscious mind to take you where ever it wants. The universe is wide open to those who wants to understand it. It has no limit of wisdom. Our World and ultimately universe need more conscious people. It's your choice to choose to become aware of your true reality or remains in darkness. Whatever you choose the universe will provide it. 

After Knowing what is beyond the physical dimension you will be able to live in the physical dimension with ease. Metaphysics will answer some of the deepest and the most useful answers to your questions.