Positive Thinking and Mind Power

Positive Thinking and a Disciplined Mind is your best friend. Undisciplined Mind is your Worst enemy. Understanding the mind is the first step to creative Thinking. Use your mind rather than Being used by it. By using your Mind you are not allowing others to do the thinking for you. You have free will to create the life of your choice.

Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can't, You Are Right"  - Henry Ford

Understanding what is human mind and how it works is the first step to positive thinking and positive life situation. By not becoming aware of the stream of thinking that is present inside your head most of it unrecognizable, you will not be able to change your thinking. How will you change if you don't know what are you thinking?

First of all, you will have to understand and see what thought really is? From where do they come? Do you think them Or they think you. Most people in our civilization are not aware that these are thoughts in the head. They believe that, this is who they are. In other words they believe that the thoughts in their head are their true nature. This is an unconscious human condition. Which is very dangerous. Because you believe that your sense of self is in the thought and when somebody challenges your thought perception, you believe that the other person is challenging you and then you react.

Understanding what are Affirmations and how do they work is a very important step to positive thinking. My Positive Affirmations will change your mind vibrational frequency.

You pick thoughts from this world. Most of your thoughts had been unconsciously picked up by you in your early childhood. The purpose of positive thinking is to create your reality in a desired way.The truth is that you are always creating something. Creation can never stop, It is an Eternal law.

Every Thought is a seed. Seed Produces Harvest whether positive or negative. That is how we create our human civilization and life conditions. The bottom line is that Thinking is always producing results, whether positive or negative. So whatever you are Thinking. Your Mind power is providing.

You can explore and understand mind power. Positive thinking will create positive mind power and negative thinking will create negative mind. It is that so simple.

You will not be able to change your negative and unconscious thoughts to positive and conscious thoughts, unless you become aware of them inside yourself. They will keep creating your reality and you will become more and more unconscious. 

Be still for a moment, Observe your mind, observe the reactive pattern inside yourself. Only then you will be able to change your thought pattern. Don't fight or resist them if you find them negative. By working with them you will be able to dissolve them. By fighting and resisting them you are unconsciously resisting them.

Also observe the emotions that are associated with these thoughts. Because emotions mean energy in motion. These Emotions Create your external reality. These Thoughts form emotions then emotions create an energy field based on the thoughts you choose to think. This Energy field attracts you the events in your life. You are always attracting and creating something. These are also known as Consciousness Units in Scientific community.

Life is always giving you something for your evolution of consciousness. By resisting the thoughts in your mind you unconsciously resist the flow of life, by not becoming conscious of these thoughts you are unconsciously attracting and creating your own reality. 

To understand this point lets use a practical example.

Lets say that you have a thought that says " I am a failure" Or something like that "Nobody Likes me".

When people think these thoughts or should I say most of the time they unconsciously allow their mind to think negative thoughts, They completely believe in these thoughts without ever realizing that these are just thoughts and perceptions. They think that this is who they are. Insane, but true and normal. These are only view points. If you believe in every thought in your head, then not only the thought will confirm to you that the thought is correct but, it will create and will attract you the same reality, then you will believe more in these thoughts.

"I am a failure" Oh again the same thought. What people do not realize is that in the universe, there is no such thing as failure. The quality of their consciousness has given them what they thought and believed. You can change this thought and can think that's OK, I have understood something here. This was not for me, something better is waiting for me.

"Nobody likes me" Oh again this thought had been in my mind until I realized that this is the thought only. You don't need anyone to like you. There is nothing in the universe that needs to be liked. Everything is eternal. You were created "in the image and likeness of God". 

True positive thinking can also come from realizing your true nature. The collective human mind is full of negative thoughts. You will not be able to think positive thoughts while remaining in the collective mindset. The collective human mind is full of suffering and unconsciousness. Going deeper within yourself where there is no thought, feeling your aliveness. Than Coming back  from this place and playing with thoughts is the ultimate seed of creativity. Positive thinking can only work truly when you do not have a resistance pattern inside yourself.

If one thought you have is positive and the other one is negative then your thoughts are fighting within themselves. This energy field can not create positive results. Also you will remain in the dilemma. Ultimately Suffering and unconsciousness. 

Be alert, The collective mind will do its best to bring you back to its level. This unconscious mindset is called normal nowadays. Always looking for future and past is the characteristic of this collective mind. Not being present in the now is another strategy the collective unconscious mind uses to create havoc in your life.

You have the chance to live an Enlightened life. Never let it go. It is the purpose of humanity to wake up. By understanding the human mind you will then take one step back from unconsciousness and will use by your choice. Realizing mind power will help you to create a life blueprint. Positive Thinking is your choice, there is nothing in this world that can take your ability to think positive thoughts and create positive results.

It's amazing how humans create, attracts and experiences their external reality.  Most of them without even realizing this truth. They are creating their reality every moment of every day without even realizing it. Becoming aware of this eternal law of  the universe you too can create beautifully.

Positive thinking Tier Map.

1 Positive thoughts  2 Positive attitude 3 Overcoming fear 

4 fear  5 Fear of success 6 fear of failure 7 fear of public speaking

8 Creative Thinking 9 Creativity 10 Self Worth 11 Daily Affirmations  

    12 What is Ego

  1. Self talk
  2. Positive self talk
  3. Negative self talk
  1. Affirmations for confidence
  2. Affirmations for Health
  3. Affirmations for kids
  4. Affirmations for self esteem
  5. Affirmations for Success
  6. Affirmations for relationships