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Fortunately or unfortunately the early years of my life were spent in intense fear. Occasionally I used to wake up in fear during my teenage years wondering, is this all life has to offer? Is there no other thing except the occasional happiness that is the byproduct of emotions? Is this what life is all about?

The suffering which I believed was my worst enemy turned out to be my greatest teacher. Examining life deeply requires a standard amount of alertness and a standard level of openness. Suffering helped me to crack open the shell of ego.

I was about 17 when I first realized that I have "depression". At that time it was a sign of relief, knowing that it's only my mind that is responsible for creating suffering, not the world which I thought to be. But that was only the beginning of a very long journey. I soon realized that what the Psychiatrists call depression is just an unconscious human state. The loss of spaciousness results in depression. The vast majority is living in stress, which is very close to the state of depression, without knowing that, this is not only stress and depression as experts often point out, rather it is something more serious, which is disharmony with the universe.

I took admission in university to acquire more knowledge about Psychology. Fortunately I realized that the answers to some of my questions were not present in the formal educational system. Then I left it only after a couple of months. At that time my mother said to me " You are the worst person alive here on planet earth" :-)  I am not against any formal educational system but, just clearing my point that still the conventional educational system is very limited. Just like Newtonian Physics, which is true and limited to an extent, but only to an extent, It is limited. On the other hand quantum physics has answers to some deeper questions.

After not finding the answers in the conventional education system, I decided to search them out in traditional religions. The man made dogmas and human forms of worshiping. On the contrary I had found that the traditional teachings (not the pure spiritual teachings of religions) of religions causes a greater level of delusion, not only on a personal level, but also on the collective level. I had found that the level of my suffering and darkness was increasing.

I started out with the self improvement portal. Which led me to understand the purpose of the human mind and how it works. It was amazing to find the potential and purpose of the human mind, still it was not enough. Something deep within me was empty. No matter what?

Understanding the purpose of the human mind and psychology led me to spirituality, but only at the level of the mind. I read so many books to understand what spirituality is all about, what is quantum physics, the deeper secrets of the universe and all that was present. Still the emptiness was there, not the spiritual emptiness, but the feeling of disconnectedness with something. Not knowing the reason of suffering.

I read and applied the spiritual teachings of Buddha, Lao Tzu, ancient Greek Philosophers, The different religions, The human psychology,Quantum physics, metaphysics, the mystical teachings and countless more things, only finding that these are only the "signposts, not the destination".

I have found that knowledge is not the substitute for wisdom. You can have tons of tons of knowledge, but you may be very unhappy, which is often times the case. Harmony with the source of your understanding is the key here. There is a vast difference between just knowing the universe, Tao, Allah, God, Brahman or whatever you name the divine, as a mental concept or as realizing your connection with the source.

It's all about realizing the power that is connected with you all the time. Not knowing this reality was the cause of my distress and suffering. Not realizing this connection is the root of all of the sufferings of humanity. Realizing this reality is the essence of wisdom. This is the mother of all wisdom. I believe, soon a day will come when this teaching will be told to very small children, in fact, children are more open and connected with the source.

All of the things of this world are connected with the quality of your consciousness. The more harmony you will have with the divine, the more harmony you will create in the outside world. I have found that there is no limitation of anything in the world. The only limitation is the limitation that you have placed in front of you, by not knowing this simple, but very powerful truth.

On You

I truly believe that by knowing what and who you are at the deepest level and your connectedness with all that is which the Buddhists, Taoists, Greeks had always known and the modern physics confirms this reality, you will be able to live your life in the most beneficial and mysterious way, which is beyond your wildest imaginations. Not knowing this single, but the mother teaching of all the teachings that are present in the world, you are making life a problem not only for yourself, but also for those around you, including the world and humanity. You have been given an infinite power, you just need to see it with heart, not just with your limited physical eyes.

You have all the answers at the core of your being, Nothing external is needed. What is needed is just the realization of this truth. There is no better time to realize this reality than "now" . If not now then when. You must realize your destiny. In other words, realizing your destiny is your life purpose.

You just need one step at a time. You can make a difference. Do not underestimate your purpose of being here. "For changing the world you first need to change yourself, because you are the world and you are the humanity".

On me

Socrates said " An unexamined life is not worth living for a human being" now I can realize the power of that statement. Examining here means, "knowing who and what you are and your connectedness with the source". Without this there is no life, only suffering, which is still the way of the majority. I have found that this is the revolutionary teaching. I am a student of life and will always remain.

There will be more lessons for me and I am okay with that. I have learned to live in this world with acceptance and surrender and whenever I will go back into unconsciousness, the universe is smart enough to show me the  right path and way. When you truly see and observe this world without the screen of your thinking and ego, you see that this world is a beautiful place. In the Bible it says that "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good". That is the way to see this world. Seeing the goodness rather unconsciously judging the reality with our limited minds is the sign of a wise person.

That's it,

I appreciate you being here.

Always Yours and all my best,

Saad Saeed

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