Self Empowerment 

Self Empowerment Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Yourself, Others And The Entire Universe.

Self empowerment is something that everyone seems to need nowadays. But few people are empowered, truly Empowered. Others try to empower themselves without knowing the self. Trying to empowering yourself without knowing yourself is not only useless but, counterproductive.

Self Empowerment is only possible after knowing the self. Knowing what is self and what components self has, is essential. Once you know what components you have, then you will be able to use them in the best way possible. Happy quotes can also help you to realize your potential.

We will look Self as it is made up of three components. The Spirit, Mind and Body (brain).

Empowering all these three things are important. Some people empower the mind, for others empowering their body and brain are the only way of living. unfortunately without empowering all the components, you will live in disharmony with the laws of universe.

The word Self Empowerment is often times mistranslated. From conventional point of view it means to empower the self. But in the deeper sense of the word you do not need to empower yourself. You can empower your mind and brain. But can not empower your true nature. Because it is already full of power. Your true nature which is Beingness, your spirit is full of power, you only need to realize it and feel it. 

Step aside from the daily activities as more as you can in silence and stillness, even for two seconds at a time to feel the aliveness that you are. You don't need outer silence and solitude for this to happen. You can feel the presence that you are in the midst of daily turmoil. The more you will find spaces inside yourself, the more the empowering will take place. True power comes from the fact of being. Your life energy is the source of all the power. What is Life Energy? The consciousness that you are at your deeper level. Feeling and harmonizing with it is the first step to wisdom. Without realizing it, you are allowing yourself to move closer to the darkness. By darkness here, I  mean the unconscious state of humans, which is suffering.

A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things but, we do not know ourselves. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.- Meister Eckhart 

That's where self awareness comes into play. Self awareness will naturally empower your mind. Your mind will naturally empower your brain. Brain will help the body to live a powerful life. Thus you become a master of living here on planet earth. Awareness of that power is essential. Without this power your life will never be truly filled. A sense of incompleteness will remain with you as long as you live. No matter how many objects you obtain in the external world, you will not be truly fulfilled. Because you are disconnected with the source of fulfillment. 

Most people only empower their minds, others focus only on physical activity which is very limited. Because all physical things are limited. They do not contact the limitless energy that is the core of their being. They are disconnected from the source of all power. The power is there, but they are blocking its flow. 

That is where most people miss the boat. Without knowing all the components of yourself, you can not empower yourself truly. Because everything is connected with everything else. Its like a chain. 

You can only empower your mind and brain. But Empowering yourself goes much deeper then filling your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. True self empowerment comes when you know your true nature. Period.

Lets start from beginning.. Your beginning. Do you remember anything from the day that you were born. Nope... Anything! Think again will you? To save some time let me answer that for you. You will never remember anything for years to come, because at that time you had no mind. You had Brain( the physical thing like walnut that is in your head, but no mind. You were alive, but you had no mind to think. Realizing that aliveness now is the essence of all self empowerment. You were empowered and you were ready the take the world. 

This aliveness is still present at the core of you. Your mind and physical world must be doing their best to stop you from realizing that aliveness. 

Think about that for a moment. The source of self empowerment was long present, before the mind had established. That means, empowering the mind is the second step.

By realizing your true nature, then you will be able to empower the mind in a more desirable way. You can not empower your mind by remaining in your mind. By realizing your true nature, naturally results in self empowerment. 

You are the source of power. Your aliveness, not your mind. Your mind is made up of thoughts. The thought are the temporary source of empowerment. Because they are connected with the physical world and each and everything that is connected with the physical world is governed by the law of polarity. Which means it will be either positive or negative. It will be incomplete. It will be a polar of the whole. That is how our physical universe was created. Its either Day or Night, Male Or female,  Up or Down. True Self Empowerment Comes not from the polars But, from the whole. That wholeness is the core of who and what you are. That is true that you can not complete yourself at the level of forms. But you are complete at the deeper level. Knowing this truth results in enlightenment.

Your mind is just an instrument, which needs instructions from somewhere. Most people minds want to empower themselves from the outside world. From some brain or body activity or simply from some mental concept. You are all the time empowering your mind. Your mind which is governed by law of polarity can either think positive or negative thoughts. Positive thoughts are creating positive energy which are empowers you and in the same way negative thoughts creates negative energy which empowers you. Realizing true power will help you to choose positive attitude in life. Remaining alert and conscious, you will be vigilant to stop any thought that passes through your mind if it is negative. By this practice your mind will also remain self empowered. But, by not remaining alert, you will get lost in the collective unconsciousness of the world. That's how most people unfortunately are living their lives. 

The right way to empower yourself is to know yourself first and foremost . Feel the presence and power of your beingness. That is the core of your reality. Then your mind will naturally becomes powerful, because now it is connected with the energy field. It will also inspire itself. Once your mind empowers itself from the deeper universal intelligence, it will send signals to your brain. Your brain will create high resonance chemicals, following the advice of your mind and will give instruction to your body. The body eventually will be filled with power from the process shown above. Thus it will live in the best way possible. 

This is the system has been and it will remain as. By following any other way to empowerment rather than the way of nature. You are not only wasting yourself, but also living in the disharmony with the universe. By opposing the nature you are ultimately opposing yourself. Because, you can not oppose the nature. No one has ever, No one will ever. The only way to live wisely is to live in according to the actuality and laws of the cosmos.

Self improvement and self empowerment in the conventional sense of the word is a myth. You can not improve your life energy. You only need to become aware of it and need to realize it. After that, life becomes full with happiness and empowerment. Power is not the product of this physical world. The physical world only reflects internal world. The more power will be inside yourself, the more power will be externalize by you. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom- Aristotle